The most immediate way to learn the perspectives and practices of JustConflict is through reading this site and following its suggestions.  But some of us learn better with a teacher and in a group of fellow students.   So if you find that exploring this site creates more questions than it answers, here are some ways to join with others to learn and practice.

Registration information is at the bottom of this page.

Introduction to JustConflict

Most months on the 2nd and 3rd Sundays an Introduction to Just Conflict is offered at the office of the Center for Creative Conflict Resolution. The 2nd Sunday the topic is “Maps for the Journey” and on the 3rd Sunday the topic is “Tools for Transformation.”  While it seems to make more sense to attend in the same month, this is not necessary and folks are invited to return from time to time for a refresher.  Each session Two hours | $25 | more…

Introduction to Peacemaker Training

This event is designed for those who are interested in the Peacemaker Fellowship but is open to anyone.  It is a six hour training, usually on a Saturday.  There is generally a fee but this varies based on who is sponsoring it.  For an outline of the schedule, click here.  Six hours | $75.

Reconciliation Workshop

The Reconciliation Workshop is generally offered on a Friday evening and then continued all day Saturday.  It is presented in an intimate group in an intimate setting.  Attendance at one of the Sunday evening introductions is highly recommended.  More information is available here.  Fee may vary depending on the sponsor.  10 hours | $100 

Two-day Peacemaker Training Intensive

This is the second event in the Peacemaker Training series.  The Introduction is a prerequisite. It generally starts about 10:00 in the morning one day and continues to 5:00 the next. This way we can get in two full days of training [about 16 hours] for only the cost of four meals and one overnight accommodations.  While this is aimed at learning JustConflict to use to support organizations in discord, it still has as a primary focus learning to name, address, and resolve our own internal issues.  Cost varies dependent upon room and board.  16 hours | $200

Four-day retreat

This event is a chance to experience several contemplative disciplines including JustConflict.  The Retreat: The Practice of Presence starts Sunday afternoon and ends Thursday afternoon and is located at the Pallottine Renewal Center in St. Louis.  4 days | $650 which includes meals and housing.

Practice Group

This a group that meets each week at the office of the Center for Creative Conflict Resolution.  A prerequisite is either the Reconciliation Workshop or the Two-day Peacemaker Training.  The group is limited to eight persons, meets for two hours, and is lead by Mark Robinson.  In addition to the group sessions, each participant meets alone with Mark at least once during the month.  9+ hours a month | $200

For details about any of these events contact Mark or go to the Calendar.  To register, go to the Calendar and click on the Sign Up button next to the title of the event.

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