The easiest way to learn about JustConflict (if you are in the Greater St. Louis area)  is to attend one of the Introductions offered most months.  These happen on Sunday evenings from 6:30-8:30.

There are two sessions that are included in the Introduction and they are typically presented on the 2nd and 3rd Sundays.  It isn’t essential to take them in order, but it helps.  They can each stand on their own, but you will need them both to see the whole picture.

Maps for the Journey:

This first session asks the question, “Do you want to be the most mature person you can be?”  We haven’t finished growing up. There is more to who we can become.  Are we willing to do the work of discovering what is really possible for us?

If we are, we find there are three questions we need to answer:  Where am I?  Where might I be?  What do I do to get there?

In this conversation we will look at the process of personal development and consider several developmental maps. Some of these are familiar to us from beginning courses in psychology.  We will conclude with consideration of a map called the Orders of Self which integrates several other maps.

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Tools for Transformation:

This second session asks the question, “Is there anything happening in your life now that bothers you so much that you would be willing to change what you do in order to create what you need?”  We don’t transform because everything is working so well for us.  Growth happens in the places where we are unhappy and the greatest transformation is a result of addressing where we are really stuck.

Again there are three questions we need to answer:  What is it that is really happening?   What is it that I typically do when this happens?  What is it that I actually need?

When we discover the answers to these questions and hold them in a kind of creative tension, we find a new way of being that is generally not something we had thought of before.  In this conversation we discover some of the things we do that create the opposite of what we need and as well as what it would take to be able to construct clear and durable agreements with others.

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