Handouts for Workshops at the ARJE Conference – January 23-24, 2017

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How does being a religious educator offer an avenue for healing and social transformation in the midst of the great divisions and insecurity that is present in the US today?  How do we understand the perspectives of our faith such that it prepares us and supports us in living into and offering leadership to the transformation that current circumstances invite us to?

I get four chances to address this.  The first two are from the locus of being an individual in relationships with others.  The second two are from the locus of being part of an organization with a membership and a mission.  I hope that through these four presentations I support you in discerning your place…your mission…as you live into the call that God has given to you.

  • Series A&B: [Monday 9:40 & 2:30] – How do we be present to ourselves in our intimacy with others such that our anxiety is a source of creative energy rather than a stumbling block? [60]
  • Series C: [Monday 3:40] – How do we observe and assess the strategies we use to be creative in the midst of tension such that we can identify those that don’t work and find the energy to invoke those that are genuinely creative of what all of us need? [60]
  • Series D&E: [Tuesday 9:40 & 11:10] Of the many aspects of a faith community, which are the core of that which is most precious and powerful and how can those qualities be expressed in practice in the community? [70]
  • Series F: [Tuesday 2:15] To the degree to which our communities of faith are transforming to meet the demands of a rapidly changing society, how does the structure of the community itself support that change while at the same time remaining rooted in the traditions of our faith? [90]

Rev. Dr. Mark Lee Robinson
Center for Creative Conflict Resolution

Other Resources Include:

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