JustConflict is a set of principles, perspectives, and practices by which we

  • come to know ourselves and those we care about with greater clarity and depth,
  • appreciate our own worth and the value others have for us, and
  • act with power to create what we need in such a way that others also get what they need.

Attend a one day event in St. Louis to learn JustConflict. Information and registration available by clicking on the button.

Info and registration for the next One Day Workshop

For a comprehensive online class that includes video, assignments, and quizzes, go to learn.justconflict.com.

If you want a more general introduction click on the Summary tab above.

There are other ways to be introduced to JustConflict, the tools of Creative Conflict Resolution.  There is the book available from a couple of online booksellers.  And there are classes in several formats.  If you are in St. Louis, the easiest way is an Introduction offered most months on the Second and the Third Sunday evenings.  We will add a full calendar here at some point, but for now, go to the Calendar tab at SacredSoup.org.

If you have other questions not answered on this site, you can find me here.